Athlete Performance Training (Ages 12-18)


A functional circuit based class designed to help athletes ages 12-18 become stronger, faster, and more explosive. We have combined Strength and Endurance Training with the sole focus of developing athleticism. Our unique Purmotion equipment offers functional athletic training that greatly reduces the risk of injury, increases coordination, increases muscular endurance, and is utilized in the gyms of top universities around the nation. Functional Training is proven to be the best and most effective way to build athleticism quickly. My Athlete Performance program will translate to an improved sports performance and will help you achieve your athletic dreams that you never thought were possible.

Young Athlete Training (Ages 7-11)


A modified program from our Athlete Performance Training to accommodate young athletes, ages 7-11 . The focus of this program is still on developing strength, speed, and explosiveness, but has an emphasis on correct lifting technique, body awareness, and coordination. This program is great for the serious young athletes who want to get ahead of the competition and start performance training in the most advanced way possible. The Young Athlete program is written and designed to see results with just two classes a week! Want more than two days a week? Unlimited classes and 24/7 open gym access is included with this membership.

Purler Performance Strength and Endurance

Spring Sports Performance Training (High School Age)


Starting October 24th and going till February 2nd, our Offseason Athlete Program has been designed to build a solid foundation of strength, power, and injury prevention for the upcoming season. We will train 3 days per week for 13 weeks peaking just before the season begins. This program will be tailored to you and your specific sport! With a maximum of 6 athletes in this program, our mission is to help you achieve your goals and take your performance to the next level with our expert one on one performance training system.

What’s Included:

Class Structure (60 Minutes)

 10 minute dynamic warm-up

40 minute circuit

10 minute cool down