8 Week Online Pre-Season Strength Program


Imagine a lifting program that takes away all the clutter and questions of working out. No more “what do I do today?,” “how much weight do I use?,” or “how many reps do I do?” All of that ends now. My program maps out 8 weeks day by day. Every lift, every rep, every minute in the gym is broken down and blueprinted for you to get MAXIMUM results. We are also throwing in our amazing Mobility program for FREE! This will greatly increase your flexibility & help sure up your joints.

Everyone knows that in sports your strength, explosiveness, and athleticism play a huge part in your performance. Give your child every advantage in their athletics that you can. Take on the challenge of my 8-Week Preseason Strength Program and watch your child’s performance explode.

Program Info

  • One Time Purchase
  • Never expires
  • FREE Mobility Program
  • Video library
  • Easily accessible from your phone
  • Mapped out day by day

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