I have been a member of pretty much every big chain gym out there, from Vic tanny to planet fitness. This is a totally different experience at purler performance. When you go to the classes you get one on one training, Abby and Tanner are both very knowledgeable and can explain to you everything you need to know in layman’s terms. They know how to work with you if you are a newbie or a experienced lifter, I’ve had “personal trainers” who is really just some kid who works at a gym to get the free membership. They tell you what they have seen on YouTube and have no idea what they are actually talking about. Then they have you push yourself so hard the first day that you can’t move the next day. THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF PLACE. Yes they will push you to improve but not to the point to where you break, that’s how you end up either hurting yourself or giving up.